Repurpose your worn-out battle dress uniform into something special - A BDU Bag!

A battle dress uniform can be so much more than something you just wear.

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Looking for a special gift prior to deployment or following discharge? A BDU Bag!

Made from any
Battle Dress Uniform

The BDU Bag serves your loved-one as a tote, a camera bag, a carry-on, or a purse, while you serve our country. A reminder of you and a proud acknowledgement to everyone else of your service to our country.
BDU bags - The perfect reminder for family and loved ones of those serving our country.

What serves your loved-one, while you serve our country? A BDU Bag!

A Lasting Symbol
of Your Military Service

The BDU Bag makes a wonderful surprise gift prior to deployment or following discharge. Made from a single BDU shirt and one pair of BDU trousers, of any size. We will adjust the bag's overall size to fit what you supply.
BDU bags – Repurpose your worn-out battle dress uniform into something special.

A lasting reminder of your military service - a BDU Bag.

Uniquely You
for Those You Love

The BDU Bag is fully lined and can display your name tapes, your rank, or whatever you supply us can be added, making it uniquely yours and a more perfect reminder for those waiting for you back home.
BDU bags – Makes an ideal purse, tote, camera bag or carry-on.

Order your loved-one a BDU Bag. Please contat us.

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BDU Bag base price: $75, plus shipping and sales tax. Prior to shipping your BDUs to us, please contact us to discuss order specifics.

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BDU bags – Made from your battle dress shirt and trousers.

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